When we took it upon ourselves to run through remixes of A$AP Rocky's catalog, a thought occurred to us: he might need to expand on the electronic producers he's utilizing. He already had a huge single with Skrillex in "Wild for the Night," had a track with Gesaffelstein on the Divergent soundtrack, and has a currently-unreleased instrumental project with Baauer lying on some hard drive somewhere. Why not explore more of the electronic realm?

Well, rap heads might be saying "why bother?!" It's simple: there were a lot of producers who latched onto that middle-of-the-road sound that he helped push a few years back. Tracks like "Peso," and practically anything he worked on with Clams Casino, helped open a lane for producers who weren't making straight-forward EDM, but were adding more herbs and spices than your standard hip-hop instrumental. There's an entire lane for leftfield material out there, and a number of producers have picked up on it. Many of them have openly acknowledged love for Rocky's work, or have taken cues from the experimentation on the rap side into their more instrumental work.

That said, Rocky will probably always be in need of beats, and while he's working on his own original material (no samples!), it'd be much easier for him to cherry-pick beats from a CD or .zip he's sent. Let's play armchair A&R and run through some producers who should a) start compiling tracks for Rocky or b) should be getting DMs from Rocky on some "let's work together" shit.