Shriekin, the young producer whose "Steel Ships" track we featured a couple of weeks ago, is now ready for you to hear another cut from his new release on Local Action: "'Gold And Featherwork'. 'Temple 2' is the latest cut and marks Shriekin out as one of a new wave of grime producers looking to throw out the primitive 8 bar riddims for a relaxed listen more suited to headphones than the dancefloor.

Any true grime head will tell you that grime's forebears stake their roots firmly in 8-bit computer game soundtracks, though over time the crude melodies took a back seat in favour of the lurching mid-range stabs that came to define the genre. Just like his contemporaries Slackk and Mr. Mitch, Shriekin flips this entirely on its head for new cut in a move that simultaneously takes grime right back to its ancestry whilst pushing it into brand new territories.

The blueprints of grime are plain to hear in "Temple 2", but there's an added emphasis on melody and even song structure. Though the swooping, rather primitive arpeggios repeat to almost hypnotic levels, the rhythmic textures that build and fall away create a surprising level of complexity giving us as close to a narrative as we're ever likely to get in instrumental grime. Listen to the Complex UK premiere of "Temple 2" below. Shriekin's Gold and Featherwork EP is out now.