While receiving rave reviews for his "EDM" industry-disrupting Worlds album and tour, Porter Robinson has also flexed his skill as an artiste as well. Key to his unique vision of what dance music and electronic music culture interacting with his sound and style can be is his live tour experience. Thus, the rising megastar cancelling dates in Germany, France and Finland is unsurprising. Citing in a Facebook post that "it became super clear that a certain sized venue is needed to communicate my vision for worlds with the video and light production that is so crucial to the show," he continues, "we'd originally booked smaller venues in Germany and France and thought they could work, but it's now clear they can't. by the time my team and i fully realized this, it was too late to move the shows to larger venues." If a Robinson fan and in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Luxembourg, those dates between October 30 and November 4 remain unaffected.

Referring to the tour as "100% a labor of love," he says that he's "spending more on the shows (lights, video, crew, etc) than i'll make on them." Unable to "spend more" to make the shows happen," his desire to "spend money (and make nothing) to put on shows that i'm proud of," is endearing. No official words has been given regarding refunds, but Robinson promises to perform at festival date sin the areas affected by cancellations.

If unaware of the visual audacity of Robinson's live tour (and why he was so motivated to create the tour's specific visual presentation), OWSLA's NEST just released a new feature regarding that, as well as a few other choice tidbits, too. Enjoy!

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