Best known for: Cross photographed Los Angeles' hip-hop scene in '90s, created the album art and photos for artists such as Q-Tip, Eazy-E, DJ Shadow, and J Dilla, among others, published It's Not About a Salary… Rap, Race and Resistance in Los Angeles, and made the 2007 documentary Brasilintime.
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Even if you aren't familiar with Brian Cross (better known as B+), you've likely seen some of his work before. Originally from Limerick, Ireland, Cross made his way to the United States in the early '90s, enrolling in the California Institute of the Arts. While studying photography at CalArts, he started a photo essay titled It's Not About a Salary: Rap, Race, and Resistance in Los Angeles, documenting the city's flourishing hip-hop scene through both interviews and images. In the past, he has photographed and created album art for a number of famous artists including Q-Tip, Eazy E, Damian Marley, DJ Shadow, and J Dilla, among many others. He and fellow photographer Eric Coleman make up L.A.-based production company Mochilla. Cross also recently shot Complex's Kendrick Lamar cover.