One-time Night Slugs affiliate, P. Morris has announced the impending release of a brand new six-track EP he's calling Beloved. Out on October 28 via his own Bear Club Music Group, it's markedly darker than the Night Slugs white label, but it still sits firmly within the darker avenues of hip-hop that he's explored on past releases. If all you have to go off was said white label, then it's worth listening to "Lunette" below for a taster of what Morris is up to and how he's progressed since.

There are some instantly recognisable samples from early dubstep, some east Asian pentatonics and some ever-so-slightly trappy percussive rolls. "Lunette" is most definitely designed for a high-end stereo. Though the production is minimalist and the arrangement a simple one, there are so many subtle flourishes and nuances in the track that a big noisy soundsystem wouldn't do it justice. Listen: