The little label that just won't quit has done it again. Main Course has just put out the fourth addition of their remixes series where they get up and coming and established artists to put a new spin on some of their most successful tracks. As with any Main Course release, this one is packed chock-full of bangers, eight tracks in all, the product of a rag-tag team of international beat smiths from every corner of the globe. Whether you're a techno nerd or a trap-thusiast, you'll find something you like here. For those who were following their Wuki remix contest, you'll find tracks by the two winners: Perk Pietrek and Jace Mek. Those who enjoy crafting remixes of their own will find a stem track of Sugar Shane's "Kill Da Bitch." Who knows, if you pull it off, you might find yourself on The Remixes, Vol. 5.

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