Age: 22
From: Pittsburgh
Label: REMember Music
Did they actually go to college? No
Facebook fans: 5,576,436
Twitter followers: 4,600,000

Looking at both of their careers, it feels like Asher made a blueprint that Mac Miller not only followed but mastered. The plan goes, get famous off of a catchy party rap about “crazy ass kids” (Mac’s first hit “Knock Knock”), gain a young white fan base and tour off of it, drop a debut album that gets widely panned, realize that you’re too talented to spend the rest of your career rapping about “Senior Skip Day,” start writing better and choosing better beats, get buddy-buddy with respected rappers, and eventually make awesome and experimental music that sounds nothing like what you started doing.

While Mac’s departure from his original sound is just as significant as Asher’s, he’s had more success doing it—his sophomore album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off, managed to move 100K in its first week. But with a new sound come new fans and an amazingly hilarious dynamic between the mollyed up white girls who came to see him play “Knock Knock” and the crusty hip-hop dudes who want Watching Movies With the Sound Off deep cuts.