Two hours of DJ Funkmaster Flex sharing stories, experiences, and more about his career and come up in the music industry? That's exactly what went down on the latest episode of Juan Epstein with Flex, Peter Rosenberg, and Cipha Sounds. During the extensive convo, Flex covered everything from coming up as a DJ in NYC, his childhood home in the Bronx, getting his start at Hot 97, his relationship with Jay Z over the years, and even shared some nice words about Dame Dash. The episode, which runs just over two hours in length and can be streamed in full below, is really a must-listen for any hip-hop fans.

FINALLY! 2 hours with Funk Flex live from Gallapagos in Brooklyn. Flex gives his entire history including how he came up, met and idolized Red Alert, made it to Hot 97 and much more. He even has some kind words for Dame Dash, explains his semi rocky relationship with Jay-Z, and tells an amazing story about begging Puff to put him on back in the day! WHAT?!