It's funny to think about how much people will diss Diplo and the Mad Decent imprint, then look at how far some of the artists they championed have come. Baauer aside, we're talking more about Dillon Francis, who's debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule, has already murked the iTunes Electronic chart (like we knew it would). Or Grandtheft, who's getting morning spins on New York City's Hot 97 for his remix of T.I.'s "No Mediocre." Say what you will about Diplo, but he and his crew know how to spot 'em. Today Grandtheft's remix of Dillon's pop-leaning, Sultan + Ned Shepard x The Chain Gang of 1974-featuring "When We Were Young" was released, and he brought the house smash down a number of notches, churning out a melodic 808 banger. And it works very well. The vocal loses nothing, and aided by those pianos, that beat is as somber and bottom-heavy as anything else you'd throw into your "now that's what I'd call trap!" playlist. The release date is on some TBA shit, but keep an ear out, as you definitely need this.