Remixes of old classics often fall short. deadmau5 doesn’t care about that and curated five remixes for five of his classic tracks. There are few artists like deadmau5 who can score a remix package of such caliber including Dillon Francis, Nero, Eric Prydz, and Madeon for his 5 years of mau5 compilation. While those are the primary names announced—all heavy hitters—that's not the only remix project of mau5 work that's out there.

It’s been seven years since the original mau5 collaboration with JELO dropped on Rising Trax, but Norway’s Fehrplay gives the track a new sheen and slips into some new blue suede shoes. The Norwegian’s touch for icy yet disco-y atmospheric progressive house are completely complimentary with deadmau5’s own minimal-ish, ambient-inspired, progressive house. Nom De Strip followed up with his own two minute preview and dropped his frenetic electro stomping techno house—or something like that. This track pretty much defies description outside of that. If it we’re soundtracking a movie, it’d be a crazy action end scene set in a warehouse on red alert with electrical fires going off and laser guns ablaze–or something like that.

These two remixes–alongside a remix from Tujamo–will be released via Rising Music on October 20.