AlunaGeorge are back. "Supernatural" is (well, we can only hope that it's) the first single from their upcoming, as yet unnamed, follow up album to the amazing Body Music. Premiering on Annie Mac's show today (or tonight, I guess, if you live in jolly old England), the track reminds one of the first time we heard them on Disclosure's "White Noise." It's more dance-y than any of the material on Body Music, which can portend good or bad things for what's to come. I, personally, loved the updated interpretation of R&B that tied their debut together and hope they don't go full into full-on house just to be in the center of current trends (which could easily shift). At the end of the day however, this track is pretty damn dope; I've already listened to it five times and I'll probably listen to it five more times before tonight. No matter if they're following trends or not, the production is still on point.