Los Angeles based MC Tre Capital, who also happens to be the son of West Coast legend Xzibit, is looking to break out in the rap game on his own with his upcoming six-song EP, Gundam Pt. 1, which he will be releasing on September 25. Today, he debuts his latest single from the project, "Prestige," which features an appearance from Toronto native Sean Leon and some truly haunting production from the ever-talented WondaGurl.

Sean takes care of the hook on the record, as he embraces the journey and struggle with the lyrics, "I'm tired of running, but hold up, the come up is coming," all while the well-placed drums hit at the perfect times. Tre then sets himself apart while boasting an unmatched confidence with the lyrics, "We ain't never been the same motherfucker, I'm gone, space, now we popping bottles in the club motherfucker, I been, great." In addition to this collaboration, Tre linked with fellow Toronto producer SEVNTHOMAS on the EP, who was recently named by Complex as a producer to watch for in 2014.

Listen to the song and also watch Tre's latest video for "Javhari Bourdeau Flow," which he released last month.