There was a time like three years back where I was absolutely obsessed with The Weeknd. The House of Balloons mixtape was 1000% my shit and I couldn't stop listening. I was going through some things in my life and that release was basically everything to me. Fast forward to now and The Weeknd is a huge act in his own right, but his music has lost so much of it's passion and gumption to me. Personal opinion of course, but he's never come close to touching anything that was on that first mixtape since. Leave it up to the boss Jacques Greene to slide right through with a 2-step/UK garage-flavored freebie of one of that tapes standouts, "What You Need" to shock me right back to that time in my life. Of course dude claims it's been chilling on his hard drive for three years or whatever, but going into fall 2014...this feels completely right on all levels. Chill and sexy shuffle here like woah.