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If you’re into the whole future beats and chill trap sound, then there’s no excuse for not knowing about Michigan’s Sango.  The AGO and Soulection-affiliated artist has been leading the sonic progression of these sounds with his albums, singles, and remixes including a collaborative EP with Waldo, and a solo album entitled North.  Today he uploaded a new track entitled "When I'm Around U” carrying the tag #albummaterial.

First, we’re obviously excited for what could be a new Sango album. Second, this new track is exactly what we like about Sango: smooth percussion, sensual vocal work, and rumbling yet quietly thundering bass.  Now Sango has also left a simple caption "Song of Solomon 2:10-13" that also appears on the artwork and while that could be a reference to the Bible, we won't jump to conclusions or make any inferences as to what that's supposed to mean or why he put it there.  Regardless, I'm coolin' out to this one.