It's not every day that you get sent a year-old tune that you had no idea existed previously. When we spoke with S-X back in May, he hadn't mentioned the other artists he was collaborating with, just the work he was doing with/for Cash Money. To see that he recently leaked a song with Childish Gambino that was not only going to be dropped in 2013, but was supposed to be his first single? And it features Childish Gambino? Seems kind of crazy. He's added a "June 1, 2013" release date to the SoundCloud description, but there isn't much else in the way of info on the tune... aside from Donald Glover going into complete spazz mode over this lethal riddim.

With S-X's Two EP finally out, this is probably the best time to let loose of a banger you've been holding on to, but how this never got to see the light of day before this leak is kind of crazy. The title of this song (which is sung in the track) also amazes me, given the situation. Large up S-X putting this out.

Fuck it. I'm leaking a song I was supposed to drop like a year back. Featuring one of my favourite rappers. You can have it for free.

— S-X (@producerSX) September 20, 2014