After the success of his Stealing My Older Brother's Tapes EP back in March, Context today unveils its brilliant follow-up, Hindsight is the Purest Form of Romance. The Norwich-born rapper has long been recognized by his peers for the compelling nature of his concepts, and he does not disappoint with this new set. EP opener, "I Need C's" is the result of a collaboration with Takura, which takes a tongue-in-cheek glance at what is desired when being dirt brokefrom Chanel and Champagne all the way to everyone's favourite fast food chain, Chicken Cottage.

Second track, "20Something", Context himself feels is some of his "best work to date." It's a track that every young man and woman can relate to, with grin-inducing qualities throughout, and comes complete with a great vocal from Jenna G. "The Suburbs Dream of Violence" is up next, and was inspired by the opening line of JG Ballard's book, Kingdom Come. It's about parochial angst and draws from the direct experiences of his friend, Andy ("the nutter with 'Deity' tattoo'd on his stomach in the video for "Off With Their Heads"") with Context stepping into more melodic, electronic territory.

The EP closes with one of the rapper's biggest champions Mike Skinner, remixing previous release "Small Town Lad Sentiments"which received strong support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, and is undoubtedly one of his strongest efforts to date. Speaking on his latest project's title, the ever-eloquent Context told Complex UK: "The cover is me with my granddad. Hindsight is the ultimate filter. It's beautiful for the way in which you can selectively remember all the things you love." Without further ado, check the EP in full here: