No diss to Carson Daly, but I don't know who watches Last Call With Carson Daly. I know I don't; if I'm up around 1:30AM on a weekday (school night?), I'm burying my face in a computer screen somewhere. That said, I imagine a lot of eyes were on Last Call's season premiere last night (this morning?), as Porter Robinson made his television debut with this live performance of "Sad Machine." While not filmed in studio, it was a special recording from his worlds tour, from a show at the Fox Theater in Pomona, California. While I've known that a) Porter would be doing more live performing during this tour and b) Porter sang on "Sad Machine," it's great to see both of those halves become whole right in front of you. There's still a LOT of tour left, so cop tickets from when he hits your town.

This performance comes on the heels of an intriguing announcement: the Electronic Music Conference is hitting Sydney, Australia again this December, and Porter's been booked as one of the keynote speakers. I know he can speak at length about his views on production, the electronic music scene, and more, but it's going to be exciting to see what he chooses to discuss during this year's conference.