PILO and Sinden's Night Visions EP dropped at the right time. The electronic music scene as a whole is in a stage of redefinition; we're all trying to figure out where this non-commercial/mainstream/pop side of the music fits, when honestly, we need to just let beautiful music breathe. It seems like PILO and Sinden did that, crafting a completely intriguing feast, somehow blending the terror that resides in bleek, dark warehouses that play all kinds of booming electronic sounds with the courageous vibes that reside in vinyl grooves. It's a bombastic ride, and we took some time out to chat with PILO and Sinden about this release, as well as give away an alternate take on one of the EP's tunes.

We’ve seen PILO remix Sinden bits before, but aren’t aware of any previous collaborations between you two. We remember a tweet going around regarding this project, but wonder when this collaboration really kicked off.
Sinden: Probably at the end of last year was it? I’m terrible with dates, but anyway its been a little while in the making.

PILO: Around winter last year. prayer-emoji

A number of collabs we see ending up being singles or two-track releases; was there ever a design or plan to make this a four-tracker? How many tunes did you guys end up producing together?
Sinden: Yeah that was the plan to produce a range. BNR was the label that we always wanted to release this project on and they give you the freedom to do that whereas some labels just want the banger or the banger and a 'b-side.' There were a few that were shelved along the way, one track that needs a bit of a fix up.

PILO: Sheeeez, we made so many ideas here and there. Some never finished but yeah we outlined the whole EP to be a four-tracker. Production wise, I have no idea. Probably almost ten, to be honest.

Digging deeper, was there any particular theme going into what ended up being Night Visions, either with a sound you guys were trying to capture or all-encompassing vibe?
Sinden: I think subconsciously there was a theme, but I wasn’t really paying attention to it. We chopped records, did a lot of cut and pasting and sound manipulation / design. At the end of it, the tracks with their rugged tough edges and melody complemented each other. All the stealth/spy track titles wrapped everything up, it just fit well with the aesthetic.

PILO: Me and Gramps G decided to take it old school and bust out some records. Like Sinden said, we cut our favorite parts and made them compliment each other very well. Once "Night Visions" was made, the whole EP was basically done really.

We’re hoping this isn’t the last we’ve heard of you two working together. Any plans for future releases together?
Sinden: Yeah hopefully if PILO’s down :)

PILO: Yeah definitely the last, no way I'm working with that dude again. moon-face-emoji

Were there any hurdles when it came to working together? Is one of you more of a night person or did one of you take the more technical reins while the other would be more of the ideas person?
Sinden: We’d hit a brick wall on certain projects put then we’d move onto the next. Both of us work on different programs which was a ball ache,and because I’m crap on Ableton we’d have to bounce stems out each time and take turns on driving the program so PILO needs to learn Logic basically lol. Also being in a sprawling city like LA we’d have to account for long traveling times.

PILO: HA no way I'll ever learn Logic again! Hate that program sooooooooo much oh my goshhhhhh. But yeah that was the only really hurdle we had, I mean we had a few stops in our paths with tracks but thats only natural in the writing process.

What do you two have on the horizon, either together or separately?
Sinden: I'm working on a new project The Crystal System, which just had its debut release on Sweat It Out (with PILO remix!!!!!!!). This is my main focus at the minute so look out for this!

PILO: Yeah, I just released a remix for Sinden's new project The Crystal System with Starving Yet Full (From Azari & III) like whaaaaaaaaat so sick. Working on my next solo EP for BNR as well. Also have a few more collaboration projects in the near future.

Talk to us about the tune you let us give away.
Sinden: It's a kind of Part 2 to "Infrared," which is on the EP. This version is a bit more peak time, whereas the other one is more 3AM madness. Originally this was the version for the EP but we went with a leaner more stripped back version instead. We thought this is too good for the cutting room floor and Alex Boys Noize was really feeling this one also.

PILO: This track is a peak time mix of "Infrared." It was the first version of the track to be honest... but before the release we decided to create a more stripped down mix of it and used it for the EP. I'm glad it's getting featured.. can't wait to see what people think of it.