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Something feels real right about these wonky beats from independent labels, and while mainstream outlets are repeating the same moves over and over again, we're swimming in the next wave of music from across the globe.  This one is from Parisian producer Ouska, who released a four-track EP called Nota Bene on Cosmonostro today.  This is an incredibly diverse beat tape that features wonderful sampling, organic drum work, and heavy hitting bass across the board, and though it's a brief offering, it's pretty incredible.  We chose to highlight the title track for it's unique synth work and crisp procussion, a record that sounds like the closing credits to the trillest scary movie you ever saw.

Cosmonostro let us give this out as a freebie in the hopes that you'll grab the full project, but don't fret if your pockets are strapped and you're looking for more from these guys. The single is available below as a freebie, and once you're done here you can pop over to Ouska's SoundCloud page once you snag this one up, as he has a grip of freebies just sitting there for the taking.  We also have an exclusive mix in the holster from Cosmonostro to follow later this week, because they're fucking awesome.  If you just got paid this weekend, we highly suggest you pop over to Cosmonostro's Bandcamp to grab this this four-track EP for €1, which is really a steal for a record that you're going to spin out for years to come.