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Coming from a dnb school before truly embracing the entirety of the EDM scene, it's always great to see producers I saw get their feet wet in the dnb scene branch out into the larger EDM world. Belgium's Netsky is one; there was a time when he was the cream of the liquid funk crop, churning out anthem after anthem for Hospital Records while still getting his chances to do more larger-scale official remixes. Over the last few years (in similar fashion to acts like Pendulum), Netsky's been embracing a more wide-ranging audience, to the point where he actually left Hospital to sign with Ultra, who put out his latest single, "Running Low."

We got a chance to catch up with Netsky in Los Angeles to speak on all of this, including how much of an inspiration Hospital had on him, but the need to "explore." You also have to love how he breaks down what's great about live shows. He also talks about his forthcoming Stay Up With Me tour, as well as artists that he'd want to collab with and artists that inspire him. Dude seems like a genuine guy who just loves making music and making people react to music.