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Twitter has been in a state of confusion over R&B crooner Musiq Soulchild unveiling his new rap alter ego, the Husel. Sure, the veteran singer hasn’t released too many soul ballads as of late, but his decision to become an Auto-Tuned rapper overnight feels disconcerting. Did the paychecks dry up that quickly for the 36-year-old artist?

“I do care about what you think," the Husel explained in an interview with Madame Noire last month, which is now circulating across social media. "However, I’m not going to allow a negative response to sort of compromise what my intentions are, and my intentions are to give people quality content in however many ways that I can actually pull off."

That negative response is coming in full force on Twitter, with users making fun of his stylistic change, as well as the odd outfit he's wearing in the video. Who knows? In due time he might be able to pull off this new musical venture. But for now, enjoy the hilarious Twitter reactions that have taken place over the last few days at the expense Musiq So...err, the Husel.