Run The Jewels is dropping their new album, Run The Jewels 2, on October 28, and to promote the record El-P and Killer Mike came up with some pretty inventive special pre-order packages. If you purchase "The Show and Tell Package" El-P and Killer Mike will show up to your child's show and tell to answer any questions the kids have about weed, rap and global politics. If you want the duo to stop making music all together, you can purchase "The Run The Jewels Retirement Plan" which forces them to retire from the rap game, only to release one song a year for you personally. If you buy The "Fuck Boy Revenge Package" El-P and Killer Mike will "stalk and ultimately take revenge upon anyone in your life who has ever wronged you through a series of humiliating and vicious tactics." Or, if you're a true fan of Run The Jewels, cats, and transcending hip-hop, you can purchase "The Meow The Jewels Package:" a recreation of Run The Jewels 2 made entirely of cat sounds. Although "The Meow The Jewels Package" costs $40,000, who doesn't want to hear cats rap "Oh My Darling, Don't Cry"? No one, that's who.

The duo may have been joking when they came up with these special pre-order packages, but once something as ingenious as a rap album made entirely of cat sounds hits the Internet, we all rally around it. That's why one Run The Jewels fan made a Kickstarter campaign to make this cat-hop album a reality. 

The goal is to raise $45,100, which includes Kickstarter and Amazon fees. El-P is absolutely on board, and has promised to donate the profits to a good cause.

The project still has a long way to go. As of right now, the Kickstarter campaign has raised $7,739, only a fraction of what it costs for cats to rap these days. However, if this page does reach its goal, hip-hop will be forever changed, and the Internet's obsession with cats will finally meet our obsession with great rap music. 

UPDATE 10/15/14 4:45PM: The $45,100 goal for the Meow The Jewels project has finally been reached, and with 12 days to spare. That doesn't mean you shouldn't still contribute here.

Having said that, Meow The Jewels is closer to becoming a reality. The project is expected to feature production from El-P, Prince PaulJust Blaze, The Alchemist, Baauer, The Gaslamp KillerGeoff Barrow, Skywlkr, Zola Jesus, Nick Rook, Dan the Automator, Boots, and Solidified SunThat list of names has been immortalized with a Super Smash Bros. screenshot: