For those unfamiliar with Memphis MC Jon Waltz, "College Girl" is a great intro and the perfect song to kick off cuffing season. It starts off with a pounding heartbeat and Waltz effortlessly floats on the minimal production. His verses will leave your head spinning, and his chorus will fill the void of any new Drake music right now. Waltz's grasp on creating a sonically cohesive, and emotionally driven track in just under three minutes is just a look at his many talents.

Jon's 7-track debut EP features Michael Christmas and Allan Kingdom, with a few hidden tracks slotted in the mix, too. The majority of the tape was produced by Zayd, while some produced by NOVA. Waltz's EP is apparently influenced by Alice In Wonderland and his latest track, "College Girl," is a segment of a much larger narrative that fans will hear on his project.

He'll be celebrating with a show in Memphis tonight as well.