G-Unit has been on a roll since reuniting in the beginning of the summer. Just this month they released the music video for "Watch Me," off of their EP The Beauty Of Independence, and they went on Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex Show for an epic thirteen minute freestyle. Today, G-unit is back with an interview on Snoop Dogg's "GGN" show. They talked about 50 Cent's leadership, the current state of hip-hop, and, of course, their favorite marijuana strains.

50 Cent assumed the role of G-Unit general, explaining how much energy he puts into everyone else in the group. Because 50 Cent is the boss, he worries about the group financially as well as mentally, which means there's little time for himself. "If I'm ever going through something emotional on my own, there's no break," 50 ssaid. "I say depression is a luxury I can't afford." Snoop Dogg applauded 50 Cent for being such a good dude taking care of his crew, even if he "acts a fool on Instagram."  

When it comes to the current state of hip-hop, 50 Cent didn't sound too pleased. "What I miss is how important authenticity was," he saidsaid. "What I find now in our culture is things are trending. They're following what the last person did." No one took any shots at specific emcees for imitating flows, but Snoop Dogg did do a hilarious rendition of the ever so popular Migos flow.

What was most noticeable about the interview was how little every one else in G-Unit spoke. It really was the 50 Cent show. Snoop Dogg and Kidd Kidd shared a moment when speaking about New Orleans (Snoop Dogg was signed to No Limit) and he also shouted out Lloyd Banks for some of the classic records he's made. However, it seemed like the other members were there just to talk about weed and their favorite shoes. 

G-Unit is dropping their new EP, The Beast Is G-Unit, in October. For now, watch the full interview with Snoop Dogg above.