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With the end of summer rapidly approaching there was no better place to be Friday night then at Central Park’s Summerstage with electro “funk lordz” Chromeo.

Kicking off the night was Big Freedia, NOLA's Queen Diva, with a phenomenal set. The high-energy, speedy and bass heavy music was complimented by Freedia’s vigorous dancing, making it hard not to party.

The crowd’s energy was full-tilt by the time Chromeo’s signature “legs” lit up below their synthesizers on the stage. The glow of the legs reflected like neon signs in the backdrop of mirrors and chrome-plated instruments.

From the moment Chromeo intro’d the set with chants of “Chrome-E-O-OHHHH-O” fans at Summerstage were lively and ready to dance. Opening with their infectious 2010 single “Night by Night,” the duo proceeded to run through tracks from their irresistibly danceable catalog of hits.

Dave 1 often ventured out to the audience, flirting with girls behind his trademark black ray-bans, keeping a genuine smile through every song. At one point he borrowed a fans phone to take selfies and pronounced “I need to see girls on shoulders,” propelling countless ladies to do so as an appropriate intro to “Over Your Shoulder.”

P-Thugg’s toned down stage presence was the perfect compliment to Dave 1’s intrepid approach. Modeling a piece from their “Chromeo x Surface to Air” collaboration he electrified the songs choruses, while working the talk box and synthesizer.

Undeniably the most charming moment of the show came about halfway through their set, with Dave 1 announcing, "Make some noise for my mom and P's mom, they're both here tonight!" and immediately bursted into "Momma's Boy."

“Bonafide Lovin,” “Hot Mess,” and “Sexy Socialite” elicited enthusiastic responses from the Summerstage crowd, but fans absolutely went wild when they played their White Women single “Jealous (I Ain’t with It).” Their ability to remain connected to the crowd and keep a genuine smile through every song is unqiue.

Chromeo’s performance was without a doubt one of the best performances at Summerstage this year. If you missed it, check out their official website for tour dates and more.