After nearly a year of inactivity, Big Chocolate has emerged from the shadows and has spent the last two months letting loos bass-heavy trap offerings that have hit our sweet spot each and every time.  Less than two weeks after his Couples EP, he has released another collection of records called The WDF, a four-track display that dives into house and techno sounds, which are a far cry from the hip-hop and beats inspiration he's been pulling from this summer.  We pulled the obvious move and covered the one record that connects his old work with the new, but you need to pop over to his SoundCloud set and check the rest of the EP.  These dark and deep vibes sit perfectly with that low end influence, and these records resonate perfectly for your many moods.  Give the stream below a spin, and click the shopping cart link to put your ears to the full release, which is out on now.

And for those who may have missed, check out Big Chocolate's "Big Mix, Vol. 2":