Producer: Best Kept Secret
Album: The Mixtape About Nothing
Label: N/A

This one dropped a little more than a year after comedian and Seinfeld actor Michael Richards' infamous "nigger" rant at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, which pretty much fucked black people's relationship with Seinfeld forever. In the spirit of Jay Z's "Meet the Parents" and A Tribe Called Quest's "Sucka Nigga," Wale's "The Kramer" is an allegorical rap, about a black kid's vulnerability growing up among white teens with minimal grace in their racial-awareness "So they just keep going, saying 'nigga' in his face/There's nothing he can do, he let it get away/It came to the point he couldn't look 'em in the face/The mirror made him hurl, his reflection disgraceful." Over go-go drums and a sample of Richards' own shouting first, whimpering later. Justin Charity