If you're reading DoAndroidsDance?, I have to assume that you don't need TIME telling you what "bae" means. Being children of the Internets, you might be chilling with bae right now... or want to. Funny thing about this time of year; fall's officially here. You can feel the crisp in the air. You may have already pulled out those heavy comforters, or at least made sure your hoodies and sweatpants are on deck. If you're single right now, though, you have to make sure you have one more thing under your arm, keeping you warm at night: bae. That obviously means that it's not just the fall season, but cuffing season is also upon us. It's only going to be getting colder, so the longer you wait to really lock bae in before the cold really sets in, the worse for the winter you'll be.

Now DAD's not here to help you put your mack down—you're on your own there, androids. Dating etiquette, proper attire, and other great points of interest are more of our big brother's speed. What we can do is cook up a playlist for you and #4bae. While we won't call this your "official 2014 cuffing season playlist," it is a collection of tracks that not only contain the word "bae," but could be used for a number of different instances. If you're in the mirror practicing your moves or trying to nail the right inflection for those sweet nothings you'll be whispering into bae's ear, this can be your inspiration. If you want to practice whatever dance moves (or, you know, bedroom moves), there are beats to do that with as well. If you just need a soundtrack to have playing in the background while you and bae connect for hours on the couch, just hit play and let this rock. If you're not at least busting slob by the middle of this playlist, we're sorry. We also won't be held responsible for any kids being born nine months after hitting play—we just set the soundtrack.

In any case, this is for you and #4bae. Good luck!