Date: 5/7/14

Everyone from Drake to J. Cole has adopted the "Migos flow," made popular by Quavo, the eldest member of the crew. However, not everyone has been so quick to give him credit for the quick-paced delivery, including 2 Chainz.

In an interview with MTV, the veteran rapper voiced his opinion on where he believed the flow originated. "There’s a certain delivery that [Migos] brought to the game that people started snacking on, that was something that derived from a Memphis flow period," he said. Upon hearing this, Migos responded to Chainz's theory on Twitter, which set off a series of tweets between the fellow ATL rappers:


A month later, Migos were asked about their back-and-forth exchange with 2 Chainz and origins of the "Migos flow." To which Quavo replied, "Actually, the origins—I just seen on Instagram where the origins, they looking for it in the bottom of Africa." Sound logic.


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