While there doesn't appear to be any concrete information on this, talk online is that Nicky Da B, a New Orleans bounce artist that many EDM fans more than likely know from his feature on Diplo's massive hit "Express Yourself" (which has hit over eight million views on YouTube and was featured in a Doritos commercial earlier this year), has passed away. You might also remember his track "Hot Potato Style" getting a lot of love, and during a time where Diplo and the world seemed to hone in on the New Orleans bounce, Nicky was starting to blow at the right time. Nicky was also recently featured on Schlachthofbronx's Rave And Romance compilation, and has a feature on Cazwell's next project.

As of right now, we have no official word on cause of death, and aside from a few tweets from the likes of Big Freedia and others, there's no manager comment. We will update on this breaking story as more details are released.

EDIT The Times-Picayune is reporting that Nicky Da B (real name Nickesse Toney) passed away after a brief illness. They're saying this was confirmed by Nicky's manager. Nicky was 24-years-old.

EDIT We just got this official statement from Nicky's management: "It is with heaviness in our hearts today that we confirm the passing of Nicky Da B.  Nicky was a beautiful soul and we will always be grateful for his magnetic personality and loving spirit. We were inspired by his talent as much as his tireless optimism, compassion and humility. Our condolences go out to his family at this time."

EDIT We're also collecting tweets up above from those who have been remembering Nicky. As you'd expect, Diplo spoke out, speaking on how impactful "Express Yourself" was, and mentioned that they'd been working on an album.

EDIT Nicky's manager Rusty Lazer posted on Tumblr that Nicky's family is looking for donations for his funeral: "Times are tough. If you have a little bit to spare, nickydab's mom is accepting donations for funeral expenses on Paypal. Send it as a gift to toney293@aol.com Please reblog this as well. Thank you all for the massive amount of love and support. It’s really sustaining all of us right now."

EDIT We got details regarding Nicky Da B's second line from Rusty Lazer: "Nicky Da B's Second Line is today at 12pm. 8824 Birch St. at General Ogden in Carrollton."