SpaceGhostPurrp is no stranger to rap beef, but his latest conflict might be the most bizarre one yet. He has been going at 11-year-old white rapper Lil Shark from Augusta, Georgia on Twitter recently. But this isn't a personal dispute; instead, it's a battle over the integrity of rap music itself.

After listening to a Lil Shark track, Purrp demanded that his fans report the pre-teen artist as SPAM on both Twitter and SoundCloud. In retaliation, Shark dropped a diss track in which he compared Purrp's face to a giraffe and said that the Miami native was too broke to pay rent. Purrp's website was also hacked, and currently links to Shark's debut mixtape, The Shark Tank.

The battle might have finally ended, as Lil Shark says that he'll let "the music speak for itself." As if rap beefs weren't absurd enough... Check out the screenshots above to catch up on all the back-and-forth. Luckily, Purrp hasn't let this distract him from music, as he dropped "Aries Music" yesterday. For more on Lil Shark, read this interview with Pigeons & Planes.