Everything that Snails and heRobust have been coming out with in the past year has been nothing short of magnificent.  Snails has a style of his own, flexes synth work that most people can't even begin to duplicate, and his records are always risky.  heRobust has been aiming for the fences with giant trap tunes, and has been teetering on the edge of superstardom for the past year by releasing a steady stream of undeniable hits.  And though I almost never post previews or teasers, I jumped on this collaborative tune in two seconds.  Though we know both of these producers for their ability to push boundaries in trap music, "Pump This" is a stripped down house record that combines a relentless house kick, wonky sound design that we're loving Snails for, and those anthemic "Yo DJ Pump This Party" lyrics from Adolph Dupree.  This tease won't be a long one, though, as this one is coming out on OWSLA next Tuesday.  Feel free to check the preview below, and be sure to set a reminder to get your hands on the full version next week.

UPDATE "Pump This" is out now; here's a full preview of the track: