When Ice Cube went to the Bomb Squad for his second album, the energy and focus of his N.W.A days weren't impacted, and he made sure you knew it—"I told you last album/When I get a sawed off, bodies are hauled off." After an intro by a news team explaining that black men are being added to the endangered species list, Ice Cube barrels onto the track with words that feel as terrifyingly resonant today as the day they were written: "How the fuck do you figure?/That I can say peace and the gunshots will cease/Every cop killer goes ignored/They just send another nigger to the morgue." The second verse shifts from the police to a revenge fantasy after the loss of his friend over a ki of cocaine: "It's a shame that niggas die young/But to the light side, it don't matter none." Chuck D closes out the record with a burst of black pride, a refusal to be denied even when hunted: "Yet Cube, they can't fuck with the dark side." —David Drake