One of the joys I'd get as a drum & bass head was trying to suss out all of the different catalog numbers used to track the vinyl that'd get released every week. There was always a tinge of anticipation when labels would reach certain milestones, or just the characters used to describe the imprint. I always thought it was a dope nod to classic rave ethos that AC Slater's Party Like Us label used the obvious "PLUR" to categorize them, and with PLUR050 comes the fourth EP release from Petey Clicks, who's been on a tear over the last year. Since striking out as a solo artist, he's really honed in and owned his love for UK garage and all things house, with the title track to his BAE EP doing just that. There are no sad times when you're with bae, so of course "BAE" is happy happy joy rave vibes throughout. (And while you can't hear it, the flipside is just as quirky and beautiful.)

BAE drops on August 12, but you can hear it in full right.... now.

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