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Kari Faux's "On The Internet" is like gospel to my ears.

Today, we're lucky enough to have the premiere of the video, directed by Faux and Kenneth Bell. Kari channels a very '90s, MS-DOS vibe in the visuals, which is ironic because the song is all about people who think they're hot shit on the Internet but suck in real life. Sound familiar? Of course it does.

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Kari's attitude coupled with her uncanny ability to make us laugh and spit some fierce lines like "To them, life is just another game/Doing the most for a little fame/But one thing remains the same/When you log out, you're still a lame" is something to definitely watch for this year.

To reiterate, Kari Faux and I both don't give a fuck if you're famous on the Internet, or the likes on your Instagram. It's off of her Laugh Now, Die Later EP which you should definitely listen to right now, then watch the video above and her "No Small Talk" one, as well.