EDM-as-trap progenitors Flosstradamus once again take the sound in a progressive and Euro-inspired direction with brand next single "Rebound" from their forthcoming debut artist album on Ultra Records. A full year of headlining festival stages worldwide and likely needing to do more than just play hard-edged raps and "Too Turnt Up" anthems necessitated the more trance-driven vibe of the new material, featuring UK-popular dance vocalist Elkka. However, when asked about the new material, duo member Josh Young stated the following:

"Rebound is a departure from the normal maximal trap sound we pioneered.  We felt that after Mosh Pit and TTU with Waka we wanted to make a song that sounded like something we listen to at the crib, or in the car on the way home from a show. Curt and I are both fans of mellow, downtempo music, and this is our nod to that world. This is an exciting step in a new, more mature direction for us."

In the game of "keep up with the Jones'" that trap has become for dance music and culture, Josh and Curt have likely lapped the field with this one. Taking the "rap" out of trap and placing the sound in a far more "plur" than "#plurnt" lane is an incredibly savvy move. Perhaps having seen the likes of OG trance dean Tiesto recently rocking "exclamation point" garb should have given a clue that strange, progressive and ultimately exciting times for trap music, as well as the production side of dance music overall are currently occurring, with likely wilder sounds to come.

"Rebound" drops on August 12.