Electric Zoo is best told as a story of Diplo and Skrillex, thus it's likely best that they (as Jack U) close out the festival's sixth year. The former was the first indie-to-mainstream hipster-generation name of note to play at the festival (as both "Diplo" on the festival's final day and with Major Lazer on the main stage on Saturday afternoon), his sets initially being the only sets at the festival where rap music, club music, trap, and global underground dance styles were significantly featured. From introducing moombahton as "here's some weird new shit," to bringing Skerrit Bwoy's vaginal Superfly Splash to Electric Zoo, Diplo's definitely broken up the energy of traditional big room progressive house and trance that have oftentimes dominated the event.

Skrillex played to a festival tent packed far beyond capacity in his 2011 debut, and was the festival closer in 2012 with a diverse set that involved a preview of what was to come with 2014 album Recess (including the first time that a Fatman Scoop rap party break made famous in New York City's streets was dropped in a very different location than ever before) as well as his progressive take on dubstep and heavy bass music. Jack U's gangbusters set at March's Ultra Music Festival is likely the reason why they're closing here, and to see the festival (and by extrapolation American EDM) evolve from David Guetta headlining everything in 2009 to a Jacksonville, Florida native who got his start playing dirty South rap bootlegs in a Philadelphia mausoleum and the lead singer of a pop-punk screamo band sharing the stage is quite impressive, indeed.

Insofar as Kaskade, he's an American trance and progressive house legend, and for as much as the past five years have been about the rise of new jacks like the aforementioned duo, as well as fellow North Americans like American electro pioneer Steve Aoki and Canadian turntable master A-Trak. Kaskade is a throwback to another era who is still relevant and has a fanatical following. If someone who was down with dance before the era of fire, lazers, trap and brostep, Kaskade's set should certainly amaze.