File this news under "of course this is how he makes an announcement," we think.

A blimp bearing the Aphex Twin logo has appeared above London, according to NME. The dirigible, which has "2014" emblazoned on one side, with Aphex's logo in the center of the zero, and just his logo on the other, was spotted hovering around Hackney. What exactly is this announcing? We have no idea, and seemingly, neither does anyone else. Earlier this year, fans were treated to an opportunity to digitally download his rare Caustic Window EP, raising over $64,000 on Kickstarter. In 2010, Richard D. James casually noted that he had "six albums" of completed material, but intentionally did not discuss release details for any of it, and we haven't heard anything since.

Whatever Aphex is announcing, we're excited—we just wish we knew what it actually was, or if it is actually anything. Dude has a reputation for being a joker and seems to enjoy teasing the world for years on end (not that we blame him). Our ears are to the ground and we'll keep our eye out for other zeppelins that could be harbingers of good tidings from the Aphex Twin camp.

EDIT It looks like stencils of Aphex Twin logos have been found in NYC:

Jack Cooper's tweet up above mentioned the London Craft Beer Festival (he was either there or noticed the blimp was hovering above the festival), and the festival seems to either be in on it or getting in on this hoopla:

Warp's not mentioned anything on their social media, but we have reached out for some kind of comment on this.

EDIT Here are a few more shots from New York; looks like the second one is said to be outside Carnegie Hall.

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