A full Netflix queue. Some burning incense. A couple of cold beverages. The finer things in life—and also the staples for any recording session Curren$y embarks on. It also doesn’t hurt to have an old friend in the studio with you, especially when that friend is Big Sean.

“We’ll just go through beats,” Curren$y says of his and Sean’s studio routine. “You know within the first few seconds of hearing a beat if that’s the one you’re gonna write to.”

The two have worked together before, but it’s been a minute, so Curren$y couldn’t be happier to be back working with the Big man once again. Their newest collaboration, which is part of the Coors Light Axis series, will yield two brand new, custom-made tracks that might just blow any of their previous work right out of the water.

“Man, we got a clip of records,” he says. “We got tons of stuff.” Just how much of that material ultimately gets out remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: with these two at the helm, there’s no way it won’t be anything but great.

For more from Curren$y on the evolution of his sound style, be sure to check out the video above, and be sure to visit coorslight.com/axis.