As we mentioned in our overview of the acts mixing electronic music and dancehall, South Rakkas Crew are dons of that movement. Since the early 2000s, under the leadership of Dennis "D-Rakkas" Shaw, they've been at the leading edge of this amazing intersection and it's with great excitement that we can bring you the latest from them. It's a collab with legends Harry Toddler, Specialist and Manie Gooch and it's got a surprising story. As Dennis explains:

"Enjoy yourself was first released months ago while I was touring South East Asia, I was surprised at how well the vocalist’s label, Downsound Records, was supporting and promoting the song. They filmed and released the video all before I got back.”

By the time he was able to make this final mastered mix it was at 17 on the Jamaican Music Countdown Top 25. He wants to give this banging track a proper release so he hit us up here on DAD for a post. As a special promo he's giving it away FREE for the next little while. You'll find a link on the track that leads to his Bandcamp. This is pure summer music that is ready to take a party to the next level. What more can I say than, enjoy.