Date: April 2008 - June 2014

Perhaps no group in recent hip-hop history has had a more tumulutous existence than G-Unit. Of course, back in 2005, 50 Cent publicly kicked Game out of the crew but that was just the beginning. The Unit seemed to keep trucking along until 2008 when 50 unceremoniously kicked Young Buck out of the group too, citing a number of issues in an MTV interview, including his public support of Lil Wayne and an alleged drug problem. 50 later leaked a tape of a tearful and embarrassing phone conversation that revealed Young Buck owed him money.

Buck responded with a diss song "Taped Conversations" featuring fellow ex-G-Unit member The Game, claiming the conversation was over a year old and calling out 50 for being focused on money. The rapper subsequently fell upon hard times, narrowly escaping a drive-by shooting and declaring bankruptcy. G-Unit even filed a $10 million lawsuit against him, claiming breach of contract.

It was one thing for 50 to beef with hired guns like Game and Buck, but we never thought he'd beef with his day–one comrades Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. But that's exactly what happened. 50 basically spent two years throwing Banks and Yayo under the bus, saying they had to do it for themsleves because he no longer do it for them. Things came to the forefront earlier this year when 50 gave a series of interviews about G-Unit and went so far as to call Banks and Yayo "Troy Ave's hypemen," a comment that prompted a Twitter response from Yayo saying he made the G-Unit brand. 

Despite all this drama, all four G-Unit members reunited for the first time in years this June at Hot 97's Summer Jam. Less than a week later, 50 Cent announced that the group would be releasing a new album with all the original members. Well, except for Game, of course.