Cosmonostro is a French-based label that has been co-signing nothing but breathtaking records, a feat that seems impossible when you realize that they're close to a track a day pace since their launch last year, and that the majority of their Bandcamp offerings are either "name your own price" or available for three euros or less.  Their latest is a compilation that we don't have a release date on called The Planets, Episode 2: Saturn Throne, that has an accompanying SoundCloud set with four records on it.  This banger from Portugal's Raez is a sick club tune with those posi-vibe synths that are undeniable, R&B vocal chops, and a funky bass line that loops everything together perfectly.  "Do It Well" looks to be slotted on this this compilation, and we imagine it won't be the last to be announced.  You really should pop over to Cosmonostro's SoundCloud to put your ears to the releases they've been drumming up and give them a follow so you can get the full EP when it drops.