Questlove, the venerable Roots and Tonight Show drummer, can always be counted on for a measured quote or two about the state of the music industry. He chatted with Time about a variety of subjects, including his especially intriguing opinion on Iggy Azalea, owner of the top contender for Song of the Summer 2014. Quest stated that while he goes back and forth on Iggy as an artist, he can't deny that  "it’s obvious 'Fancy' is pretty much ruling the summer."

Q also talked about how hip-hop has become a worldly subculture and that its consumers and creators now come from all ethnicities and nationalities: "[W]e as black people have to come to grips that hip-hop is a contagious culture." Check out the video above for more of Questlove's thoughts on the Australian rapper's success, as well as it means for rap culture in general.