Is the club a battlefield? Is the lounge? Maybe it's NBA Free Agency? Maybe it's just the battle within? Whatever battles you might be fighting, Druid Cloak's newest tune, "The Battlecry" is exactly what you need. The track is the fifth installment in Ryan Hemsworth mini-label series, Secret Songs but it's the first of this nature at all.  Previous SSH installments have been of a lower-key variety with quirk, but this one is more of a straight-up banger.  Picture a druid riding their stallion into war and this being the soundtrack to that ride-in, as they slice and dice their enemy in slow-motion.  Like something out of Braveheart. The stop-start movements with this track are exactly how I imagine an editor might cut together that battle scene as it cuts between orchestral club-inspired breaks to halftime sections of epic emotions.  Put this in and battle on.