If you rock with Chris Lake, you know two things: one, he makes really dope music, and two, he's not afraid to speak his mind. Back in April, he opened up about narrow-minded music fans, and with the recent release of his new single "Squeak," it looks like some people didn't get the message. Kudos to Lake for saying he's "unapologetic" about his shift in sound; he's making music that appeal to him, and if you're seeing him spin live, he's playing these tracks. He goes on to say the following:

"I just love writing music. What comes out, comes out. If you like it, great, if not, no problem. I don't care about the current fashion either, or what people expect. That's other peoples fault for putting people into boxes."

A lot of what he reacted to this reminds me of Zedd's May 2013 rant about how easy it is for fans to reach out to the artists they follow, and how ridiculous some of their demands can be. Why would anyone expect a producer to make the same track again and again? Artists are people, and people grow. They're constantly evolving, shifting tastes, and changing things about themselves. Why you'd continue to expect an artist to make what you deem to be acceptable has always baffled me, especially nowadays, when so many artists are producing music.

Think about it. Say "Squeak" isn't up to your liking. That's all well and good. But why personally attack an artist? If you fuck with old Chris Lake, either listen to that or the plethora of other producers who make music in the same vein. It's really that simple, right? And truth be told, if Chris made the same tune over and over, people would end up cussing him for that. Sometimes the onus has to be on the fans to sift through everything that's out there and find their own lane. And again, if someone stops making material you like, that's cool on both sides. Find someone who does, or relisten to that old material. No need to get all deep on them.

Check out the full Facebook post that Chris Lake wrote on this topic: