Drag your feet no longer: Childish Gambino is sincerely about to become a much, much bigger star. His album Because the Internet has been out since last year, nearly seven months. But someone at the label hit the big red button, because in the past month or so, his single "3005" has gotten considerably more attention at radio. While Urban radio has yet to support, the Rhythmic format spins "3005" approximately the same number of times they spin Lil Wayne and Drake's "Believe Me." Eventually, it's hard to imagine a number of Urban markets won't fall like dominoes; Drake has set a precedent for Childish Gambino's neurotic hitmaker, and "3005" is a hit record, with a huge, dreamily transcendent hook that almost makes up for—sorry, this still gets to me—lyrics like "Got no patience, 'cause I'm not a doctor/Girl why you lyin/Girl why you Mufasa?'" But hey, if we've already accepted Iggy Azalea's absurd accent, what's a few forced punchlines between friends.