Justin Bieber had the worst week ever when not one, but two old videos surfaced online of the Canadian pop star using a racial slur in jest. What's more, one of the videos was allegedly recorded backstage at a charity event. Very poor judgement on Bieber's part, which could possibly tarnish his career forever.

Biebs wasn't the only person stuck in controversy this week. Two OG's in the rap industry, Dame Dash and Funkmaster Flex, exchanged words of disdain for each other after Dash called music executive Joie "Joey IE" Manda a "culture vulture." On a happier note, G-Unit reunited at Summer Jam 2014, and even released new music together. However, that moment came with a bit of controversy as well when 50 Cent allegedly stole a chain from Slowbucks onstage. Who is Slowbucks? People unfortunately found out when he held a press conference this week regarding his stolen chain.

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