Southern California's Union Sci is a multi-talented bass producer that has a musical IQ that's truly higher than most.  And while his SoundCloud plays look like he's fresh in the game, the lack of traffic has everything to do with marketing and nothing to do with talent.  He dropped a "name your price" EP on Bandcamp via Liquid Geometry a couple of weeks ago, and we felt the need to round back to highlight how dope the four-track Stay In My Corner release is.  It features two originals (including "Scarred Ya Brain"), as well as remixes of a tune called "Fall In Love" from Gyp-C and Skeptk.  The entire project was mastered by Mastah Syphe, a go-to for a large stack of future wave producers.  You can snag the single or head to Bandcamp to grab the EP, but you might want to take the time to pop over to his SoundCloud while you're here, as there's a stack of downloadable goodies that you can snag at will.