Trav sat down with VladTV to openly discuss the recent Summer Jam controversy surrounding 50 Cent and Slowbucks that occurred during an onstage G-Unit reunion. Heated words and allegations were thrown between the respective camps of 50 and Slow in the aftermath of Slowbucks’ stolen chain.

Speaking in self-defense, Trav emphasized his lack of involvement in the feud before moving on to share his thoughts on the matter. “How I felt about that situation is, [Slow] should have never been on [50 Cent’s] stage.” He goes on to try and distinguish the difference between snitching and filing a law suit.

In the second interview clip, Trav delves into his current standing with G-Unit, his relationship with 50 Cent and his growth. “You start off as a soldier. To be a boss you gotta start from somewhere. So yeah, I was a soldier but I’m not going to stay a soldier. I’m not going to stay the Trav you know me as, Vlad. I’m a boss, now!”

Trav was a G-Unit affiliate once upon a time. On wax, his rap aspirations have led to a handful of online projects and a slew of singles and videos. Most notably, he has collaborated with the likes of Meek Mill, Travis Scott and Prodigy. Watch the VladTV interviews above and below. 

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