Notable hooks: "2 Cups Stuffed," "Danny Glover," "Stoner,"

We love Young Thug for his eccentric style of rap. But where he really excels is with his hooks. The Atlanta rapper's mixtape 1017 Thug was a grand showcase for his ability to create catchy choruses, with Thug showing just how creative he can get. From his molasses delivery on "Nigeria" to the inspirational Auto-Tune croon of "Shooting Star," Thug established an undeniable knack for piecing together entertaining hooks. And if you aren't getting as aggressive with the bartender as Thug does on "2 Cups Stuffed," are you really living?

Young Thug has continued his success with "Stoner" and "Hookah," two simple but effective hooks that you'll be repeating throughout the day. His biggest achievement though is "Danny Glover." Do we understand every word he raps on the hook? Not exactly. Do we care enough to figure it out? No, because we'd rather recite it how he delivers it. Young Thug: More influential than the English language. —Edwin Ortiz